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Product Description

PE handWrapping Film

Stretch characteristics
Wrapping stretch films are made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. Since its early introduction in the early 70's, stretch film has become the most important method of unitizing product loads for transport. Stretch film offers:

· Low supply cost
· Reliable performance
· It is flexible
· Can be applied by hand and automated equipment
· Scan-through optics
· Ease of removal
· Elimination/Reduction of other packaging materials
· Recycling

Specifications of stretch film
Good Shrink And Recollection Function Wrapping Film
1.11Years of Experience
2. Good Product Quality
3. Short Delivery Time

Packing: 4 or 6 rolls /carton or customized
HS code: 3920109090
Production capacity: 50 Tons per day
Delivery time: 20 working days after deposite payment.

Benefits of Stretch Film
· Stretch film provides uniformity and relatively high holding force facilitating load stabilisation
· Stretch film protects palletised shipments from dust and damage during transportation and warehousing
· Stretch film is available in both black and clear options providing security or transparency for ease of identification of palletised products.
· Stretch wrapping palletised cartons t is the most economical method of unitizing

Properties of Stretch Film
· Superior cling
· Outstanding puncture resistance
· Exceptional tear resistance
· High Load Containment value
· Great optical clarity for electronic scanning
· Reduced noise
· Good resistance to abrasion and shock
This is one of the biggest feature film packaging. With the super-thin film and a retraction of the winding force, the product compact, fixedly tied into one unit, the loose small pieces as a whole, even under adverse conditions without any loose products and separation degree and no sharp edges and viscous, so as to avoid damage.

Primary protection:
The primary protection provide surface protection products, the product is formed around a very light, protective appearance, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-theft purposes. Particularly important is to make the packaging stretch film packaging materials even by force, to avoid uneven stress on the items damage, which is the traditional packaging (bundling, packaging, tape and other packaging) can not be done.
Compression fixity:
With retraction force after stretching Stretch Wrapping the product to form a compact, space the unit as a whole, so that the products of each tray wrapped tightly together, can effectively prevent the goods during transport mutual dislocation and mobile, while the adjustable tensile force can make the hard goods close, so soft goods crunch, especially those with unique packaging results in the tobacco industry and the textile industry.
Cost savings:
The use of stretch film product packaging, can effectively reduce the cost, the use of stretch film is only about 15% of the original box packing, shrink film of about 35%, about 50% of carton packaging. And can reduce labor intensity and improve packaging efficiency, and packaging grades.
In summary, the stretched film of applications is very wide, and many areas of the country has not been involved in a number of areas have not been involved in widespread use, with the expansion of application fields, the stretched film will greatly increase in the amount of, its market potential is immeasurable. So we need to promote the production and application of stretch film.
(**)            Munual packing(L*W*H)  17-28um*500mm*300-400m
(**)            Machine packing(L*W*H) 17-28um*500mm*1000-1500m
                        Thinkness 20um
MD/TD/Mpa         Stretch strength (MD/TD/Mpa) 28/20
MD/TD            Broken strength (MD/TD ) 525%/702%
                        Rog proof  1.00%
N                  Puncture strength (N) 1.7 monolayer1.7
G                Viscosity(g) 111.2


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